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Dentsply Sirona launches new digital imaging solutions

CHARLOTTE, N.C., U.S.: Dentsply Sirona has furthered its offering in the intraoral and extraoral imaging category by launching two new solutions: the Axeos 3D/2D imaging system and ...

Osstem Implant brings solutions for natural bone regeneration to European market

ESCHBORN, Germany: Osstem Implant provides a comprehensive range of products for guided bone regeneration (GBR). Now, after having received European CE marking certification, the xenograft bone regeneration material A-Oss and ...

GC reports positive outlook on clinical performance
of EQUIA Forte

LEUVEN, Belgium: After the success of the EQUIA restorative system, introduced in 2007, GC made the next great leap with EQUIA Forte. A two-year multicentre clinical study confirmed that EQUIA Forte ...


Live Webinar

Oral Health in Comprehensive Cleft Care

Dr. Gerhard Seeberger, Jayant Singh, Dr. Omolola Orenuga, Susannah Schaefer, Prof. Peter Mossey

Oral Health in Comprehensive Cleft Care

Many providers are involved in the care of people who are born with clefts. Everyone has a role to play in reducing oral disease in people who are born with clefts. This webinar will present the FDI World Dental Federation and Smile Train resource which has been developed to assist clinicians in their decision making during the oral health care continuum.

An overview of the current diagnostic & therapy according to the Würzburg concept – From prophylaxis up to restoration

In Germany, about 15% of children suffer from MIH disease. A systemic hypomineralization is described, which by definition affects the first permanent molars and the permanent front teeth. An assistance can be offered by the "Würzburger concept", which was developed by an international working group.

Prosthodontic management for partially dentate and edentate older adults

Across the globe the population is ageing. Whilst increasing numbers of older people retain natural teeth, a sizable proportion of older people are still edentate. Replacement of missing teeth is important for function, aesthetics and to facilitate social inter-actions. This lecture will discuss treatment for edentate and partially dentate older adults including planning for removable and fixed prosthodontics.