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Straumann Group announces two appointments to its executive management team

BASEL, Switzerland: The Straumann Group recently announced two executive management appointments that become effective on 1 January 2020. Robert Woolley, experienced as a manager of large companies in the field of medical ...

Planmeca Romexis: 800 users, 1.3 million patients, 30 million images

STOCKHOLM, Sweden: Dental care generates enormous amounts of patient data over time. A case in point is the public healthcare district of the Stockholm county council in Sweden, which serves ...

PD presents IrriFlex, its innovative needle design for advanced root canal irrigation

A new generation of irrigation needle designed and manufactured by Swiss endodontic company PD (Produits Dentaires) enables more effective cleaning and disinfection in root canal therapy owing to its unique ...


Live Webinar

Diabetes and Oral Disease

Ira Lamster DDS, MMSc, Editor-in-Chief

Diabetes and Oral Disease

A Guide for Clinicians

Live Webinar

From esthetic to function- Analog vs Digital

Dr. Yi Ju Chen

From esthetic to function- Analog vs Digital

This lecture will describe the esthetic wokflow with analog and digital approach to achieve function and ethestic step by step.

Prevention vs Prosecution – How this life could have been saved

Many people have abnormal sores in their mouths with the great majority being noncancerous, making our screening techniques even more important.