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GC reports positive outlook on clinical performance
of EQUIA Forte

LEUVEN, Belgium: After the success of the EQUIA restorative system, introduced in 2007, GC made the next great leap with EQUIA Forte. A two-year multicentre clinical study confirmed that EQUIA Forte ...

New Straumann zygomatic implant system for patients with severe jawbone loss in clinical testing

BASEL, Switzerland: Zygomatic implants are used in patients with insufficient bone in the posterior upper jaw. As part of its strategy to lead in the area of immediate implants, the ...

Dental companies adapt to corona crisis

NEW YORK, U.S.: A series of investor updates from major dental companies shows us that digital tools are now more important than ever for education and in customer service ...


Confidence in extraction socket management and immediate implant placement with Straumann Biomaterials

In this webinar, Dr. Susy Linder and Prof. Michel Dard will present the clinical decision-making process following tooth extraction, including different clinical cases. The factors considered in these workflows are related to timing, surgical and prosthetic procedures, biomaterials, costs effectiveness and patients reported outcomes.

Live Webinar

Changes to Dental Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Liu Yi DDS, Ph.D, Jina Lee Linton DDS, PhD, Kaveh Seyedan DDS, MSc, FICD, FADI, DICOI, Dr. Edoardo Cavallé, Marcelo Araujo DDS, MS, PhD, Paulo Melo D.D.S., Ph.D

Changes to Dental Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic

After its emergence in December 2019, COVID-19 has grown to pandemic proportions with over 7.4 million cases in over 200 countries confirmed as of mid-June 2020. The outbreak is causing significant disruption to dental practice worldwide. Speakers from 4 continents will present how the practice of dentistry in their countries evolved throughout the COVID-19 pandemic from both the practitioners and the patients points of view.

Periodontal e peri-implant diseases: non-surgical protocols

A particularly emerging topic will be addressed: peri-implant diseases.