Interview: “Having everything at your fingertips is a clinical asset”

Dr. Gauri Mona Patel is the owner of Bayshore Dental, a practice located in Whitefish Bay in the U.S., where she works with Dr. Aaron Seubert. She is right-handed; Dr. Seubert is left-handed. Left-handed dental practitioners are often faced with the uncomfortable task of working with equipment designed for right-handers. However, Dentsply Sirona’s Intego Pro Ambidextrous treatment center now enables an ergonomic workflow for both right- and left-handed practitioners.

Why did your practice need an adaptable treatment centre? Patel: Dr. Seubert joining the practice was an opportunity to look into adding a treatment centre that would provide him with a comfortable and efficient working environment. As we opted for a flexible and adaptable swivel treatment centre rather than a strictly left-handed treatment center, we invested in the Intego Pro Ambidextrous. If needed, both left-handed and right-handed operators can provide treatment from this unit, which is essential to a smooth workflow. Seubert: To provide an example of how the treatment centre enables a smooth workflow, Dr. Patel and I worked in coordination on a veneer case. I can offer a different perspective to my patients as a left-handed provider. A large amount of my work is cosmetically focused and working as a left-hander allows me to make esthetic observations that a right-handed provider might not see so readily owing to my vantage point. This cosmetic case achieved a higher level of refinement than what either one of us could have accomplished individually owing to the fact that we were both able to operate out of our common working positions for the duration of the case. [gallery ids="203166,203173,202199,202198,203174,203169"] What were your first impressions of the Intego Pro Ambidextrous? Seubert: We were immediately impressed with its sleek design and found it user-friendly. The design encourages mobility, and having everything at your fingertips is a clinical asset. Patients can see that we invest in our office and care about all of the details of their experience. This reduces their anxiety levels, which in turn aids in facilitating the best care we can provide. All in all, patients have been very pleased with the comfort of the treatment centre and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback. How easy is it to switch between the left- and right-handed configurations? Patel: We have tested the conversion and it can be done in seconds. As such, all of our team members can use the treatment center and convert it between appointments. A pedal on the water unit sets the conversion in motion, positioning the patient chair correctly and rotating the water unit around the chair. The back-rest of the chair then automatically moves into the correct position, and the operating light, monitor and dental element are repositioned. No screws need to be loosened or re-secured. We don’t have to keep our patients waiting unnecessarily as we prepare the room.
"The Intego Pro Ambidextrous integrates many important technologies and serves as the hub of our digital practice."
How has the ergonomic experience with the Intego Pro Ambidextrous been for a left- and a right-hander? Patel: As a new provider, I work a rigorous schedule with taxing hours. However, I have not experienced any serious soreness or discomfort in relation to my work. The various positions in which you can place the patient, along with the numerous headrest adjustments simplify access. As a result, my position or posture does not need to be compromised and minimal stress is placed on my musculoskeletal system. Specifically, my shoulder and lower back discomfort has decreased with the improved ergonomic function. Seubert: I genuinely prefer to use the ambidextrous unit, as it is normally left set up for me. I only provide treatment on one of our non-ambidextrous units when I have an emergency case and need the earliest available operatory. Sealants and minor occlusal restorations can also be performed in these centers, but require manoeuvring the hoses underneath the patient’s chair so that the handpiece can be accessed by the provider and suction by the assistant. The Intego Pro Ambidextrous’s precise pivot guide minimizes the risk of damage to hoses or colliding with other components. This is ensured particularly by the water unit, which moves in parallel and remains in the correct position. Lastly, has the new treatment centre influenced your working efficiency? Patel: The Intego Pro Ambidextrous integrates many important technologies and serves as the hub of our digital practice. The more integration into the digital workflow possible, the more efficient we can be. Ultimately, efficiency has a direct correlation with the bottom line of any business and the integration of a more digital workflow creates an environment that allows our team to work at our optimal levels.

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October 19, 2018
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Webinar to detail new mobile app aimed at aiding prevention

NEW YORK, U.S.: The digital advancements of the world are revolutionizing many different fields. Dentistry is most certainly included in the revolution and in an upcoming free Dental Tribune Study Club webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 23, an expert will be discussing a new mobile phone application. BOB is designed for both patients and practitioners alike and aims to increase health and revenue purely through prevention.

During the webinar, host Theodora Little RDH, will be discussing how BOB can bridge the ‘interdental gap’ between increasing patient health and partitioner revenue by performing prevention in a different way. According to Little, the BOB score not only provides an effective but quick bleeding score, it also has an interdental brush mouth map that the patient can use at home. A qualified dental hygienist and dental therapist, Little has worked in both the UK and Switzerland, with a focus on and passion for prevention. She is an iTOP (individually trained oral prevention) instructor and was a finalist at the DHT Awards ‘Under 30s Dental Therapist’ in 2015 and the FMC awards ‘Best Leader of Prevention’ 2017. The 1-hour webinar, titled “Have you been BOB’ed?,” will be broadcast live on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 1 p.m. EDT. Attendance is free of charge after easy registration on the website. Participants will be able to ask questions via a chat window and will have the opportunity to earn a continuing education credit by completing a multiple-choice questionnaire on the topic. Dental professionals who are interested in attending the course may register online here.

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October 18, 2018
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Get to know the CLEARFIL MAJESTY family

Kuraray Noritake Dental is proud to present the CLEARFIL MAJESTY family, a series of universal composites designed for reliable, natural-looking restorations. With its brightness-based shade system for direct composites, CLEARFIL MAJESTY is another symbol of our company’s dedication to research and development, promising ease of use and reproducibility for the dentist.

CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Classic and Premium A universal nano-hybrid composite resin with a high refractive matrix, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Classic was introduced to the world at the 2013 International Dental Show in Germany. It combines easy sculpting with a predictable and aesthetic finish for a composite that will benefit both the dentist and the patient. With 15 precisely matched VITA shades and some special shades for whitening, it is suitable for a range of anterior and posterior restorations, including all cavity classes, composite facings, intra-oral repairs of fractured crowns and bridges, and corrections of tooth positioning and shape. CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Classic uses Kuraray Noritake Dental’s Light Diffusion (LD) technology to accurately replicate the diffusive properties of dentine. This feature means that restorations blend in with the existing tooth structure, rendering them virtually undetectable. Through its fixed shade combinations of dentine and enamel, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Premium is able to cover three VITA shades at once, making natural-looking restorations easily achievable. This dual-layer aspect means that there is an optimal built-in pairing of enamel translucency and dentine opacity, eliminating the need for any complicated shading schemes. By also incorporating LD technology, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Premium is able to adjust the colour saturation and tint to that of the neighbouring tooth issue automatically. The small particle size of its proprietary nano-filled composite ensures easy polishing with a durable gloss, promising an aesthetic and seamless restoration. CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow A light-curing universal, flowable composite, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow combines easy handling, high polishability and impressive mechanical strength to provide a material for all cavity classes. Thanks to Kuraray Noritake Dental’s silane technology, its submicron filler particles adhere reliably to the resin and maintain long-term stability. These small yet durable particles allow restorations made with CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow to keep their high level of enamel gloss over time, with special cluster fillers providing a light diffusion property similar to that of natural teeth. The gloss itself is remarkably simple to achieve: just wipe the cured resin with an ethanol-moistened gauze or cotton roll to produce a smooth surface. CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow’s excellent handling characteristics allow for better sculpting. The material does not stick to the needle tip or to any instruments, only adhering to the area to which it is applied, and the proprietary design of the syringe itself minimises air bubbles when dispensing. A truly universal composite, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow allows dentists to create highly aesthetic restorations with ease.

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October 18, 2018
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University of Iceland may apply controversial method of dental age assessment

REYKJAVIK, Iceland: The University of Iceland (HÍ) and the Directorate of Immigration are currently finalising a work agreement on determining the age of asylum seekers based on dental examinations. The assessment method has been heavily criticised as being imprecise.

HÍ Rector Prof. Jón Atli Benediktsson has confirmed the agreement. Up until now, the university has been conducting these dental age determinations informally, in particular of asylum seeking children who arrived without an accompanying adult in order to determine whether these applicants are over the age of 18. The student council at HÍ was both surprised and disappointed to learn the news. “My personal opinion is that the university should not have anything to do with this,” said Elísabet Brynjarsdóttir, president of the university student council. “I believe dental age determination is in conflict with the university’s science ethics regulations, and the procedure is very controversial in academic circles due to inexact results and from an ethical point of view,” she added. In the UK, the Home Office has abandoned the practice altogether upon the recommendation of the British Dental Association (BDA). The association clearly opposes the use of dental radiographs for assessing the age of asylum seekers because it is an inaccurate method. Furthermore, the BDA believes it is inappropriate and unethical to take radiographs of people without them gaining any health benefit therefrom. According to the association, radiographs taken for a purpose other than a clinical reason should not be used without the patients’ consent and they should be fully informed about how and by whom the radiographs are going to be used. The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health produced a publication titled Refugee and Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children and Young People in April 2018 to support paediatricians in the assessment of children with a refugee background. The document states that the use of radiological assessment is very imprecise and can only determine an estimated age within a range of two years in either direction. Same as the BDA, the college regards the use of radiographs for this purpose as inappropriate. Therefore, it is important for paediatricians to inform social workers that dental radiographs will currently not contribute to the age assessment process. Further, the science ethics regulations of the University of Iceland stipulate that participants in any study at the university cannot have been pressured to take part, nor can the results of the study have any negative impacts on the participants’ lives. While asylum seekers may refuse to undergo a dental examination for this purpose if they wish, they must do so with the understanding that this may affect whether their application is accepted or not, although it is stipulated that their application will not be rejected solely for refusing a dental examination. Since the European refugee crisis began in 2015, an increased number of people have come to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea or south-east Europe in order to apply for asylum. Most of them have come from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and have been forced to flee because of persecution, war and violence.

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October 18, 2018
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On Demand Webinar

The Art of Endodontics

Dr. Stephen Buchanan

The Art of Endodontics

Dr. Buchanan will discuss state of the art endodontic techniques and technologies such as surgical visualization, endodontic and surgical practice models, Dynamic CT Guided Endodontic access, obturation, broken file removal techniques, and several other invaluable endodontic practice techniques and tips.

Multiple concepts will be covered in the hour long endodontic webinar, which will give you, the participant, a great start in adopting these new concepts and technologies into your day to day practice. At the end of the presentation, Dr. Buchanan will be happy to receive your questions. We look forward to seeing you online, and at Roots Summit 2018 in Berlin this June 28 - July 1. Register on
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