We are a fast-growing dental technology company made up of multinational entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers with a can-do attitude. Our team works hard to continually evolve smart dentistry by leveraging our many years of imaging and dental technology experience.
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Our aim is to design and build intraoral color scanners that empower dentists to provide the highest quality treatment and comfort for their patients.

Founded in 2007, 3DISC has R&D and manufacturing in the United States, offices in Europe and Asia and a worldwide distributor network devoted to providing our customers with Heron IOS support, locally.

Our Philosophy

At 3DISC, we intertwine innovation and expertise to develop technological solutions while keeping dentists and their patients in mind. We are an agile company that is always open to new and exciting dental development ideas. We prioritize working closely with our customers – and we learn a lot from them, too!

This is how we guarantee that our customers and partners can rely on our solutions.

Our Commitment


Our product development is an iterative process in cooperation with dental professionals all over the world. We will continually develop our technologies to offer you great solutions today and everyday.


Our complete support offering is designed to ensure that no matter where you are in the process, and no matter what issues you may run into, our team of experts will stand ready to advise and support you.

Partner Promise

Our investment in dental technologies is huge – and it is our mission to make it as easy as possible for you to sell our dental solutions.

End-user Promise

Your success with our solutions is our number one priority. You can trust that we will consistently deliver a seamless intraoral scan solution that you and your practice can rely on.