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Located in Oregon in the U.S., A-dec is one of the largest dental equipment manufacturers in the world. A-dec designs, builds, and markets much of the furniture and equipment solutions found in the dental office including: chairs, stools, delivery systems, dental lights, cabinetry, and a full line of accessories, such as vacuum pumps, water sprays, and controls. With an extensive global network of authorized dealers and customers in more than 100 countries, A-dec also provides equipment for most every dental school in the United States, as well as more than 70 countries around the world.

The husband and wife team of Ken and Joan (pronounced Jo-Ann) Austin founded A-dec in 1964. With a $2,400 loan from Ken's father and a local dentist, the pair had the goal of having ten employees in five years. Ken, a life-long tinkerer, had trained as an engineer at Oregon State University from which he graduated in 1954. After serving in the Air Force, Ken found himself unable to fit his inventive nature to his work due to the restrictions of the work place. He went through a series of eight jobs in eight years. Joan agreed to start A-dec with Ken in hopes of having a steady income for their family. Prior to meeting her husband, Joan worked in the insurance industry and had plans to open her own business. At A-dec, she took charge of the administrative, legal, and personnel departments, eventually becoming the company's executive vice-president and treasurer. Ken was the engineer and product designer. When they started their business out of a Quonset hut in their hometown of Newberg, the couple never imagined the magnitude of a business they enjoy today.

A-dec strives for the simplest and most elegant equipment solutions that meet the needs of today with the flexibility to accommodate the technology of the future. A-dec dental equipment is truly designed with the life of the dental practice in mind.

A-dec's long list of milestones reveals some of the industry's most revolutionary dental equipment solutions, and it's no wonder. Ken and Joan Austin never strayed from a single-focused purpose: make the best better. Whether it's advancing ergonomics, elevating infection control, or integrating delivery-system technologies, the results have added efficiency and reliability to the world of dental care since 1964.

A-dec named the most popular equipment brand

A-dec has once again been voted the most popular brand among dentists in all the major categories of dental equipment in the United States home market.

According to the survey results published in Dentaltown magazine, published in the U.S., A-dec delivery systems were favored by an astounding 60 percent of dentists–more than all the other brands combined!

The annual survey among dentists in the United States has shown a continual increase in popularity of the A-dec brand in each of the past five years. This is the ninth year of the Townie Choice Awards, and the ninth year A-dec has been a head-and-shoulders winner above the competition.

A-dec totally dominated the categories for delivery systems, patient chair, dental stools, operatory lights, and dental cabinetry. It was also the leading choice for dental unit waterline maintenance, with its easy-to-use ICX water treatment tablets.

More than half of the dentists surveyed preferred A-dec patient chairs to all other brands, and over 40 percent of dentists preferred A-dec cabinetry to competing brands.

A-dec Regional Manager (Europe), Luciano Marchesi, said the results highlighted the overwhelming demand for A-dec dental equipment by dentists around the world.

“Europe is a very important market for A-dec outside of the US, and we believe the strong support of the brand and repeat purchases by dentists here supports the results we are seeing in the US home market,” Mr. Marchesi said.

The company has had a presence in Europe for many years and has some of the world’s best dealer support outside of the United States. A-dec also has dedicated territory managers who provide valuable dealer support and training, and assisting with technical enquiries and warranty.

“The unrivalled dealer network in Europe is a major reassurance to dental professionals establishing or re-equipping their practices. Apart from the legendary reliability of A-dec equipment, the parts and service support for A-dec in Europe is second to none,” Mr. Marchesi stated.

Mr. Marchesi shared that A-dec was at the foundation of modern dentistry, being one of the first to pioneer sit-down dentistry and continually developing ways of increasing productivity, and reducing fatigue by producing a superior work environment for the dental team.

“A-dec continues to innovate, with the flagship A-dec 500 and A-dec’s completely new ‘operating theatre-style’ LED operatory light—just a couple of examples of the equipment that has made the practice of dentistry easier for practitioners all over the world," Marchesi added.