Our Company is specialized in the design and production of dental and surgical instruments since 1950’s Today we manufacture instruments for us and several other companies in Italy and abroad. We strongly believe that high quality will increase its importance and significance in future and we will pursue this objective through versatility and constant search for innovative production technologies
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We were born as a family-run craft firm in the early 1950’s

and knives and scissors were our first production.
The founders soon realized that the market offered new and interesting opportunities in other sectors, so the two brothers shifted their focus on the production of high-quality dental and surgical instrumentation.
From handcraft tradition the company derived the attentive selection of raw materials – stainless steel, aluminum, titanium. Quenching and sharpening techniques, for which generations of Maniago artisans are renowned, are pivotal in the production process.
Through the years, DenTag has been working together with Universities and dental professionals in order to adjust and fine tune its production to the needs and demand of a constantly changing and increasingly demanding market. As a result of this policy, business grew in both Italian and foreign markets and thus by the end of the 80’s, the small family-run firm grew into a industrial company, that soon moved to a newer and bigger plant.

We monitor every detail, from beginning to end

Through the years digitally controlled machinery was acquired and automatized production processes implemented. We also introduced computer-aided design (CAD) and the whole production cycle is computer controlled, to the final step of laser branding and shipment. Nevertheless, in DenTag all checks and tests, as well as some qualitatively crucial and delicate production steps, are handmade by our skilled craftspeople, trained by the company. Currently DenTag offers a wide variety of new items, with different aesthetics and is renowned for its high-quality standards and the ability to respond to the requests of the most demanding customers. Thanks to the focus on quality, DenTag produces dental and surgical instrumentation for several companies in Italy and abroad. As our products are highly specialized, we receive, almost daily, requests for new items.
Therefore, our R&D focuses mainly in the creation of instruments that need to be innovative in shape, materials and finishing.

It’s all done by us, proudly 101% Italian Quality

The company is registered by the U.S. FDA as manufacturing company. At the end of the 1990’s we got the ISO 9001 Quality Management certification that paved the way to foreign markets for DenTag labelled products.

Today we can proudly say that in the world DenTag is synonymous to production of high-quality dental and surgical instrumentation.

This is confirmed by the increase in the percentage of exported products, over 70% of the total production. Thus, we can safely state that, both directly and through our OEM clients, instruments produced by DenTag are in almost all world markets.

The Evolution of the species

We took a further step to the evolution of quality by introducing a new line of instruments that combines several innovations, firstly the use of thermoplastic materials.
We will keep innovating and updating our production cycle and lines of products. We will also continue our cooperation with dentists and researchers to acquire, implement and promote innovation and improvements.