Ecleris develops and manufactures medical and dental equipment based on optics, electronics and software, serving the following medical fields: microscopy, colposcopy, endoscopy, ENT, gynecology, surgery and aesthetic medicine
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Ecleris was founded in 2001 with the purpose of developing high quality medical equipment at a fair price.

We cover the global market through a wide distributor network that distributes our products in more than 60 countries.

With a sustained growth the company consolidated itself throughout time in an organization that designs, develops and sells equipment aimed at: microscopy, colposcopy, endoscopy and diagnosis equipment intended for ENT, gynecology, dermatology, urology, arthroscopy and aesthetic medicine, dentistry and minimally invasive surgery.

The design of our equipment is based on innovation, user friendliness, quality, aesthetic, durability, and cost-effectiveness. We always select the best quality components available in the world market, in response to our customer’s most demanding needs.

Our after sale service ensures a technical backup able to assist the customers at any time. We provide continuous professional training in the use of our equipment, treatments and possible applications. All these can be achieved thanks to an experienced management with a long track record in this industry, together with an exceptional working team.