We are CE Marked medical software developer company with complete and tested digital solutions for orthodontic, implantology and surgery practices. This include as well software for local laboratories or technicians where their work is neded and welcome to asist smooth clinical workflows. We may assist in experiencing and implementing them. We do SaaS model of business.
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If you have a scanner, it's good because it can be useful, and if you don't have one, you are not excluded thanks to our technologies.

Our customers did already more 100.000 orthdontics digital diagnostic models being a base for below mentioned options of: diagnostics, treatment planning, design of aligners, design of indirect bonding of brackets. Our digital option may change clinician live by separating Doctor's / practice Leader's planning work from time consuming clinical work, delegating tasks to staff, bonding with irreplaceable precision and control output.
All in one "DDP-Ortho" platform, no software fees, no annual fees.
On the "pay for use, you don't use you don't pay" principle.

We provide ready products according to all individual needs to produce in house aligners, transfers jigs for brackets of various companies, executed by a professional local laboratory/"in house" technician. NO waiting time for deliveries and "over ocean" transport.
We make it easier to do consultations with colleague specialists.
We can train a local technician or digital assistant in the clinic.

Below is the range of digital possibilities we have prepared for specialist practice.

1. Website for orthodontists including those looking for interdisciplinary solutions https://ortodonta.com/en/

2. Download the DDP-Ortho program for orthodontics (free) https://ortodonta.com/en/ddp-ortho-2/

3. Software for technicians / digital assistants, 3D cad/cam prints, scanner users including those without specialized software to not pay for expensive annual licenses https://ortomodels.com.pl

4. Solution for dental consultations (for those interested in giving consultations) https://ortodonta.com/en/consultation/

5. An example of orthodontic consultations (for those interested in consultations to the services of already working/consulting specialists / consultants)
https://consultations.orthodoc-swip.nl ; https://orthoconsult.net

6. An example of surgical consultation for those interested in interdisciplinary services in their practice https://eltawil-ddspro.consulting

7. An example of a laboratory in Poland (Ortolab) that uses our solutions and can be trusted with training or outsource digital work in whole or in part of its procedures (including aligners in excellent quality, fast ordering process and very good price, prints for indirect bonding): https://ortolab.com.pl


1. Downloading the DDS-Pro program for implantology and maxillofacial surgery https://dds-pro.com.pl

2. A “Smile design” tool featuring "DigitalSmileDesign" face and wax up, which is available free of charge for all DDS-Pro users.

3. It is possible to activate DDS-Pro the function for measuring airway volume called "Airways" https://dds-pro.com.pl/shop.html

“Ortonet” - practice management software for dental practice and orthodontic offices https://www.ortonet.systems/index_en.html

We provide training and assistance to all our solution.
For doctor and technician or digital assistant.
We can do the training remotely or in person in Poland.

Develop your knowledge and abilities to improve and reinforce your practice against new challenges.