Dentsply Sirona launches new digital imaging solutions

Dentsply Sirona CEO Don Casey has described one of the company’s new solutions—the Axeos 3D/2D imaging system—as offering “outstanding image quality, clinical safety and an easy-to-use interface”. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)
TextDental Tribune International

CHARLOTTE, N.C., U.S.: Dentsply Sirona has furthered its offering in the intraoral and extraoral imaging category by launching two new solutions: the Axeos 3D/2D imaging system and Schick AE intraoral sensor.

Re-imagined imaging solutions for dental practices have the ability to drive patient-centered experiences and greater practice efficiency and to give dentists the opportunity for procedural expansion, according to Dentsply Sirona. The company said in a press release that it had worked to develop the two new imaging solutions in order to support patient satisfaction and practice growth as dental practices adapt to the new safety protocols that have been necessitated by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

The Axeos 3D/2D imaging system offers enhanced clinical confidence, smart connectivity and an exceptional user experience. It received the Red Dot Award for product design in 2020, and it offers the largest field of view of any 3D/2D system that the company has developed.

“Axeos uses intelligent low-dose exposure to capture high-quality images while providing easy-to-use features to enhance patient comfort, such as smart height adjustment and quick scan times, that lead to exceptional patient experiences with high infection prevention standards,” the company explained.

Axeos is powered by Sidexis 4 imaging software, and it integrates with more than 250 practice management software systems and multiple treatment planning software platforms—such as SICAT Implant, SICAT Endo, SICAT Function and SICAT Air. This level of compatibility gives dental practices the opportunity to enhance their current treatment offerings and to expand into new procedural offerings in the future, Dentsply Sirona said.

“With [this] new imaging solution we offer not only outstanding image quality, clinical safety and an easy-to-use interface but also smart integration to ensure seamless workflows and procedures,” CEO Don Casey was quoted in the press release as saying.

Schick AE is preferred by clinicians

According to Dentsply Sirona, a recent study showed that over 80% of clinicians preferred Schick AE’s imaging quality and diagnostic capabilities over those offered by competing sensors.

The Schick AE intraoral sensor offers enhanced diagnostic functions through its combination of 33 lp/mm theoretical resolution with optimized data readout and innovative filtering functions.

New enhancements allow the Schick AE to highlight relevant anatomical structures in order to support accurate and detailed diagnosis. “Increased sensor sensitivity and an enhanced low-dose optimized exposure spectrum allow for optimal visibility and diagnostics at reduced exposure,” the company said.

Schick AE has been designed for system durability and is equipped with an in-office exchangeable cable, reinforced cables, protected cable plugs and an ultrasonically welded sensor housing.

Eric Bruno, senior vice president of the North America regional commercial organization at Dentsply Sirona, stated that Schick AE offers numerous advantages for dental practices: “The newest addition to our Dentsply Sirona imaging solutions family provides a state-of-the-art offering to foster clinical confidence and take the dental practice to the next level of exceptional patient care.”

Feedback from the dental community has been positive: “The Schick AE sensor offers me excellent image quality. I get a solid basis for a safe and accurate diagnosis of my patients, even in lower X-ray dose ranges,” commented Dr. Leonard Patella, who practices implant and cosmetic dentistry in Garden City, New York. “Handling digital X-ray images with the Schick AE sensor is also extremely simple,” he added. “The images are immediately available and ready for treatment assessment without a lot of additional steps, helping me to keep an efficient workflow.”