Inventory Management

ProductDent is an easy-to-use Inventory Management module, brought to you by DDS.WORLD. The modules can be used as standalone features, or as a complete solution together with our Practice Management software – PracticeDent.

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Everything you need to manage your practice successfully!


Never run out of anything again
Track your inventory across multiple locations, create virtual warehouses, set quantity reminders and even top-up depleted items! The inventory module is integrated with the ProductDent webshop and can be used with PracticeDent.

Unlimited File Storage

Simply store more
PracticeDent lets you store gigabytes of files for your patients, and the system is flexible enough to allow you to expand your storage if needed.

No Backup

Data loss is in the past
You have frequently been told to back up your data, lest something happen to your computer. Well, you no longer need to care about this – all of your information is backed up daily, across multiple storage facilities.

No Additional Hardware

Servers? What servers?
While most large Practice Management platforms require that you install networks and run local servers, you only need a connected device to access and use PracticeDent.

Accessible from Anywhere

As long as there’s internet
There are no limitations to where you are when you access PracticeDent. Just like webmail or social media, as long as you have internet access, you can access your virtual office in our platform.

Works Everywhere

Laptop, tablet, smartphone, macOS, Windows, Linux…
Some platforms are Windows-only, or work better under macOS, and most are outright hostile to Linux users. PracticeDent doesn’t care what OS you are using, as long as you have an up-to-date browser.

Installation Free

It’s all in the Cloud!
PracticeDent does not require any software installations. Just open your browser and you’re all set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PracticeDent free?
Absolutely. Both the webshop and the Inventory Management module are free for registered DDS.WORLD users.
What products are available in the webshop?
Only participating vendors offer their products in the ProductDent webshop. This means that the products may differ from one region to the other.
How can I pay for products I order from ProductDent?
For the time being, ProductDent is a marketplace where you can find a product, place an order, track your order until the product arrives (and then you could use the built-in Inventory Management module). Any payments are handled between you and the respective vendor.

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