Digitize your implant workflow

Consistency and predictability
Implant procedures can be complex. Digital technology can uncomplicate your implant workflow with consistent clinical insight and predictability, based on prosthetic driven implant planning.

3Shape Implant Studio® gives you the tools to deliver the complete or temporary prosthetic solution to the patient at the day of surgery. Expand your offering and make your patients happier.

Plan any implant treatment
You can do single and multiple implants or fully edentulous cases in Implant Studio.

Enhanced patient experience with guided surgery
Design customized tooth-supported or bone-supported surgical guides for a less invasive surgery that’s more comfortable for the patient.

Offer same-day implant dentistry
Diagnostic tools help you decide if cases are appropriate for immediate loading. You can virtually remove teeth and then design a surgical guide and the temporary prosthetics for same-day placement.

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