ACTEON Expasyl

Effective and atraumatic sulcular opening for a natural and aesthetic prosthesis

Over 20 years, demonstrated by a lot of clinical studies, Expasyl is seen as the solution to provide a gentle and speedy sulcular opening that respects the patient. This atraumatic way has been specifically calculated to effectively open the sulcus without damaging the epithelial attachment, with the right pressure for a safe result.
Expasyl is the optimum clinical solution for both practitioners and patients, enabling an impression of high precision. The prosthesis is natural, aesthetic, perfectly adjusted. The gum is safeguarded.

  • No bleeding, no gingival recession, no pain*1
  • 100% without anesthesia*2
  • Preservation of the epithelial attachment
  • Dries out the sulcus efficiently with its astringent action
  • Immediate and precise impression
  • Easy and fast clinical technique
  • The clinical solution for an atraumatic sulcular opening

"Modern Dentistry requires more and more efficiency, rapidity and security for the benefit of our patients. Access to the cervical limits is no exception to these requirements, and Expasyl™ is for me a guarantee of predictability and success for my impressions in Fixed Prosthesis." Dr. Brousseaud, FRANCE, Dental Surgeon (Liberal practice)

*1 N Z Dent J. 2010 Sep;106(3):92-6. New Zealand dentists' use of gingival retraction techniques for fixed prosthodontics and implants. Al-Ani A1, Bennani V, Chandler NP, Lyons KM, Thomson WM.

*2 Al-Ani A. Auckland District Health Board, Greenlane Clinical Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. Bennani v, Chandler NP, Lyons KM, Thomson WM. School of Dentistry, University of Otago Dunedin, New Zealand. New Zealand Dental Journal. 2010 Sep;106(3):92-96


Medical device Class I – CE

Manufacturer: Produits dentaires Pierre Rolland SAS – France

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