SOPROCARE offers three operating modes in one unique camera for early detection of pathologies, a minimally invasive diagnosis and a motivating communication with the patient.

The patented technology based on the principle of autofluorescence provide a realtime fluorescence signal of the tooth superimposed on its anatomical image, revealing invisible tissues. SOPROCARE is a disruptive diagnosis aid tool detecting decay even at its earliest stages, without subjecting the patient to any unnecessary radiation. The intraoral camera also reveals dental plaque without using plaque disclosing solutions, and highlights gingival inflammation painlessly.

You will then improve clinical performance and easily communicate the treatment plan to your patient. The patient is involved in making decisions and accept the treatment.
SOPROCARE also offers in-depth magnified views. Indeed the Macrovision provides magnification up to 110 times, revealing details otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

SOPROCARE is light and easy to handle. With a simple glide over the SoproTouch you can freeze images on your computer. Plus, it is 100% compatible with Mac or Windows.

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Technical Details

High sensitivity CCD 1/4”.

Resolution: (752 x 582) PAL; (768 x 494) NTSC.

Defi nition: 470 lines.

Sensitivity: 2 lux.

Lighting: seven LEDs.

Adjustment: four preset positions (Extra-oral, Intra-oral, Tooth, Macro).

3 positions: PERIO mode, CARIO mode and DAYLIGHT mode.

Non-inverted image.

Image capture through SoproTouch or footswitch (optional).

Angle of view: 70°.

Cable length: 2.5m.

Handpiece dimensions: L: 200; W: 28; H: 24 mm.

Usable part dimensions: W

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