ACTEON Air-N-Go Easy

ir polishing is becoming even simpler with the AIR-N-GO easy! The new generation of portable air polishers by ACTEON is multi-functional, providing supra and subgingival treatments with one single handpiece.

This new device extends the scope of air polishing in any practice with its versatility and simplicity of use.
With 360° rotation the system offers freedom of accessing difficult areas in order to perform fast and accurate treatments.
AIR-N-GO easy will definitely change your mind about air polishing. This system is a real asset for pathogenic bacteria elimination and actively controls the progression of periodontal disease and peri-implantitis. Maintenance of the handpiece is streamlined: only the main elements in contact with the patient are removable for sterilization.

AIR-N-GO nozzles:

Depending on your clinical needs, switch from supra to perio mode with 4 interchangeable nozzles. Each nozzle is dedicated to specific clinical applications. Our nozzles deliver continuous, accurate and controlled spray whatever the clinical context. Particularly strong, they provide power and efficiency for the removal of supra- and sub-gingival biofilm.

  • AIR-N-GO SUPRA nozzle (supplied as standard). Suitable for any supra-gingival prophylactic treatment in combination with “CLASSIC” powders (5 Flavors).
  • AIR-N-GO PERIO EASY nozzle. Real asset for non-surgical, sub-gingival treatment of teeth and implants. Innovative design in a “shoehorn” shape is used to gently push back the gums while fitting seamlessly into 3 to 8 mm periodontal pockets.
  • AIR-N-GO PERIO nozzle. Used for surgical and non-surgical treatments to decontaminate deep periodontal pockets (8-10mm).
  • AIR-N-GO PERIO MAINTENANCE nozzle. Reduces the consumption of fine particles of “PERIO” powder in the maintenance phase. Action against the progression of periodontal disease and participates in the return to a healthy clinical situation.
  • The powders compatible with the AIR-N-GO easy have been specially designed and studied to produce effective treatment that is gentle on all treated surfaces thanks to their rounded geometry of particles.

  • “CLASSIC” powders (76 µm), sodium-bicarbonate based are available in 5 flavors (neutral, cola, raspberry, peppermint and lemon). The fineness and softened geometry of the crystals provide better patient comfort: gentle and efficient with limited bleeding.
  • “PERIO” powder (»25 µm) is for sub-gingival treatments as a complement to the initial therapy and can also be used supra-gingivally with the PERIO MAINTENANCE nozzle. This glycine-based powder will help you to fight against the advance of periodontal disease and peri-implantitis.
  • Broaden possibilities for care and treatment with the all-in-one air polisher AIR-N-GO easy.

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