Black is “NERA”

Today, in these dark pandemic times, we react and intensify research and innovation, certain we'll find a quality way out in a short time.

Black is...
always elegant and modern. Yet for us it is also a step towards the future.
There’s no doubt we’re going through a dark time of bewilderment and stalemate, of which we cannot yet see the end. This is why we invested a lot in research and innovation, in order to find a quality way out.
That’s the idea behind “Nera”, a new line of periodontal instruments that uses the hardness of diamond together with carbon to extend the lifespan of sharpening. Thus re-sharpening, a major problem for every user, will no longer be necessary.

As someone said some time ago:

"We cannot expect things to change if we keep doing the same things." The crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations, because the crisis brings progress

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Technical Details

To achieve this, we started from raw materials, using only higher quality stainless steels, that underwent rigorous heat treatments and were meticulously sharpened in-house. Tips were then DLC coated.
DLC stand for “Diamond-Like Carbon” and is obtained by combining two different types of natural carbon bonds, diamond and graphite.
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