Bone Level Roxolid® Implantat Ø 3,3 mm

Narrow CrossFit®
SLActive® 8 mm

Confidence at Bone Level – The Bone Level implant line is designed to optimize crestal bone preservation, to achieve pleasing esthetic results with a simplified handling.

Simplicity – The CrossFit® connection features four positions and a conical portion that makes handling easier and provides confidence for component positioning.

Unique Dental Implant Material - Roxolid® is a titanium zirconium alloy which is stronger than pure titanium. It is designed to provide greater confidence, a high level of treatment flexibility and increased patient acceptance.

Easy-to-use precision – The Guided Implants and instruments allow a precise guided surgical procedure with a depth control for drilling and implant insertion.

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Technical Details

Brand: Straumann®

Endosteal Implant Diameter: Ø 3.3 mm

Implant Solution Category: Implants

Implant Line: Bone Level Implant

Implant Platform: Narrow CrossFit® Ø 3.3 mm

Endosteal Length: 08 mm

Material: Roxolid®

Procedure: Guided

Surface: SLActive®

Implant Type: Bone Level (BL)

Transfer Piece: Screwed

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