Carestream Dental – CS 9300

In Office Cone Beam CT Imaging for Otolaryngology / Allergy Practices - Discover new diagnostic possibilities with the CS 9300.

Carestream Dental, a leader in in-office CT, provides the best-in-class hardware and software, and also helps practices with certification, credentialing, and reimbursement.

Incorporating in-office computed tomography (CT) scanners improves patient care, reduces patient cost, and increases office income for otolaryngologists. This technology, for many solo and multispecialty practices in the private sector, adds convenience and cost savings for the patient along with powerful treatment advantages.

The ability to conduct surgical procedures with intraoperative CT-guided image systems and add new procedures, such as balloon sinuplasty, also can increase practice revenue through an expanded breadth of procedures offered and efficiency in diagnosis.

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