The intuitive and easy-to-use digital solution for implant planning and the design of customized and highly-precise surgical guides.

Get predictable results while minimizing the number of patient visits with the market-proven and established solution.

A powerful and easy-to-use digital solution

  • Enjoy enhanced confidence and peace of mind.
  • Improve the overall patient experience.
  • Experience quick turnaround times and reduced treatment times.
  • Take advantage of comprehensive case documentation.
  • Benefit from advanced treatment workflows.
  • Create customizable and highly-precise surgical guides

    The guide designer offers the most flexible design tools to create surgical guides that are exactly tailored to the patient’s anatomic needs.

  • Time-saving guide design wizard.
  • Tooth, gingiva, bone or pin support, plus combined variants available.
  • Palatal support and/or lateral fixation to facilitate edentulous cases.
  • For even greater flexibility, guides can be produced chairside, by a local lab, or through centralized service providers.
  • Benefit from an open system and a completely digital workflow

    Thanks to a fully digital workflow, no scan template is required. Open interfaces ensure compatibility with all implant and sleeve systems as well as open scanners and manufacturing solutions.

  • Compatible with all open (CB)CT, intraoral, model, and impression scanners, plus open CAD/CAM solutions.
  • Includes a regularly updated library of implant, sleeve, and abutment systems from multiple manufacturers.
  • Permits the creation of custom elements to meet individual needs.
  • New – coDiagnostiX EASY & EASY CHAIRSIDE

    Simplified interface and full workflow, from dataset alignment to the export of surgical guides.

    The EASY implant planning wizard that you already know has been redesigned and updated. Benefit from a complete workflow, and all within a new, even more simplified interface.

    coDiagnostiX EASY
    Ideal for clinicians who outsource services to a dental laboratory or planning center.

  • Provides a step-by-step user guidance.
  • Offers a clear and intuitive user interface.
  • Is delivered with a fresh and modern look.
  • coDiagnostiX EASY CHAIRSIDE

    A solution tailored to your individual needs.

  • Offers chairside functionality by supporting in-house printing of surgical guides.
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