Dental Microscope OM-100

Ecleris microscope for dental treatment and more effective diagnostics.

Effective in all dental disciplines because of the perfect combination of high-quality coaxial illumination and perfect magnification which visualize details normally undetected for the human eye. Furthermore, the ergonomic design of Ecleris microscope helps prevent back pain and general discomfort which inflict your practice.

The modular construction of the microscope allows easy upgrade with most popular:
- imaging system to improve the assist to support better the surgeon.
- recording system which improves the patient relationship
- binocular extender, rotation ring and other to improve your microscope ergonomically
- autoclavable covers to prevent infection

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Technical Details

- fixed angle of 45º
- fixed angle of 90º
- adjustable angle of 0-195º

Objective lenses:
- 200mm
- 250mm
- 300mm
- 400mm
- vario objective

Lightning system:
- LED 6000K 50klux
- efficient optical fiber

- green
- orange
- laser filter

Mounting options:
- ceiling
- wall
- table
- mobile on wheels

Arm of the microscope:
- standard
- extended
- additional extension of 28cm

- single beamsplitter with PROCAM camera
- double beamsplitter
- adapter for DSLR camera
- adapter for Sony Alpha camera
- LCD mast

- binocular extender
- rotation ring
- LCD mast
- shelf for printer
- autoclavable handle covers

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