1972, ACTEON patents the use of piezoelectricity in dentistry for the first time. As its expertise in ultrasonic grew through a wide range of ultrasonics generators, ACTEON went from pioneer to leader of the technology.

The mastering of this technology allows ACTEON to develop unmatched tips, which, added to the patented Newtron technology, work at their best performances at any time.

Their thinness and shapes correspond exactly to dentists needs and allow them to perform high-quality minimally invasive treatments. In order to simplify as much as possible the work of dentists, ACTEON has also patented the “Colour Coding System”, which easily provides the settings needed for each tip, eliminating the days when user manuals were mandatory before use. Thanks to the ability to listen and work closely with dentists, ACTEON has been able to provide, for instance, the only pure Titanium tips for the cleaning of implants, thus preventing surgery from being mandatory. ACTEON is proud to offer today the largest and most accurate range of solutions to dentists worldwide.

Newtron P5XS’s strengths :

  • 100 % of clinical needs addressed
  • 98 % of debridments performed without anesthesia
  • Newtron preserves the enamel thanks to the adapted hardness of the tips.
  • Safe to soft tissue thanks to the controlled irrigation.

“Only the ACTEON range of tips allows me to address 100% of my clinical needs/interventions.”
Dr. Jouanny, FRANCE, Endodontic specialist

“Thanks to Newtron and to ACTEON tips, I perform 98% of my periodontal debridements without anesthesia.”
Dr. Rzeznik, FRANCE, Periodontist

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Technical Details

Mains Adapter


Model: TR60M36

Supply voltage: 100 VAC - 240VAC

Power supply frequency: 47Hz - 63Hz

Power consumption: 60 W

Output voltage: 36 VDC

Output current: 1.66A

Width (in mm): 58

Height (in mm): 30.5

Depth (in mm) 132

Weight (in g): 1620 with mains cord

Control unit

Width (in mm): 130

Height (in mm): 88

Depth (in mm): 161

Weight (in g): 1110SLIM cord 1674 with pedal, SLIM cord and 300ml tank; 1712 with pedal, Ingress protection rating: IPX0

Ultrasonic generator

Supply voltage: 36 VDC

Power consumption: 25 W

Voltage supplied to handpiece: 150 VAC

Output frequency Minimum: 28 kHz

Power setting range: 1 to 20

Operating mode Intermittent: 10 minutes ON / 5 minutes OFF

Type of leakage currents: BF

Electrical rating: 2

Internal fuse not accessible to the user: Ref: F1 / 750 mAT - 125 V – SMD - Breaking capacity: 50 A

Length of cords

Scaler handpiece cord (in mm): 2040

Control pedal cord (in mm): 2000


Water pressure at inlet: 1 to 5 bars

Maximum water output flow at the end of the handpiece: 80ml/min to 100ml/min at 5 input bars

Control pedal

Width (in mm): 70

Height (in mm): 30

Depth (in mm): 95

Weight (in g): 150

Ingress protection rating: IPX1

Environmental characteristics

Operating temperature: +10°C to +30°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C

Operating humidity: 10 % à 100 %

Maximum storage humidity: 70 %

Atmospheric pressure: Between 800 hPa and 1060 hPa

Altitude: Less than or equal to 2000 metres

Environmental restrictions

Usage premises: Can be used at all medical premises. The medical device must not be used in an operating theatre, or outside.

Use in gas-filled atmosphere: The medical device is not designed for use in a type AP or APG gas-filled atmosphere or in the presence of anaesthetic gases.

Immersion: The SLIM handpiece must not be immersed.

Main performance characteristics

Ultrasonic vibrations of the tip or file fitted to the end of the conventional dental ultrasonic handpiece.

  • Vibration frequency ≥ 28 kHz.
  • Tip amplitude ≤ 200 µm.
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