ACTEON Piezotome Cube

Over 40 years of expertise in development and manufacturing ultrasonic devices for dental purposes enabled ACTEON to meet the challenge to develop world class-leading ultrasonic surgical devices and tools for minimal invasive dental surgery, featuring fastest cutting-performance and ...

... lower heat-generating surgical tips. With the Piezotome-series -for more than 10 years -ACTEON provides ultrasonic surgical tools of high standards.

In modern dentistry, the preservation of healthy tissues in the course of a treatment is mandatory. Bone removal along with the removal of teeth using traditional instruments is outdated and can now be replaced by atraumatic, almost woundless and fast Piezotomeprocedures, granting the maximum preservation of bone for immediate or later insertion of implants with almost no pain as an aftermath. Derived from the superior Newtron technology, the D.P.S.I. patented technology boosts the Piezotome Cube power, making it the most powerful device on the market worldwide. To perfectly meet the dentists needs, Piezotome Cube provides precise power-settings, thus with the oscillation modulation mode preserving the different bone-densities for easier, faster and atraumatic bone-cutting. It is time to make dental surgery easier for the practitioner and more atraumatic for the patient with Piezotome Cube.

Piezotome Cube’s strengths :

  • 50 % less pain & swelling
  • Equip 33 % of dental practice
  • 98 % less analgesics intake
  • Piezotome Cube, synonym of compassionate care: respectful of soft and hard tissue.
  • Same-day procedure is less traumatic for the patient, thus favouringa better treatment acceptance

Thanks to the Piezotome Cube my patients have no downtime and can get back to their life and work the day after surgery! This is the best advertisement for my daily practice.” Pr. Dr. Wainwright, GERMANY, Implantology specialist

Thanks to the Piezotome Cube, I no longer use rotary instruments  for my extractions!“ Dr. Arqoub, JORDANIA, Implantology specialist

“The Piezotome Cube for the first time in the history  of oral and maxillofacial surgery allows the realization of atraumatic and minimal invasive surgical procedures with ultimate precision.” Pr. Dr. Troedhan, AUSTRIA, Cranio-Maxillo-Facial surgeon

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