Planmeca Chair

The dental chair for ultimate comfort

The versatile, optimally designed features of the independent Planmeca Chair provide great working ergonomics. It is well-suited for surgical treatments and can also be equipped with a Planmeca Compact i mobile cart.

Flexibility with easy swivelling

The 180-degree swivel function allows the chair to be turned 90 degrees both left and right. This is a valuable feature when using an intraoral X-ray unit or other auxiliary equipment. The swivel function provides a unique freedom for clinic design and is especially appreciated when space is limited.

Excellent patient comfort

Planmeca Chair is available with a fixed or automatic legrest. The fixed legrest provides optimal knee angulations and ensures the uniformity of the chair’s upholstery. In turn, patient entry and exit can be made easier with the automatic foldable legrest.

Top-quality upholsteries

The Planmeca Chair is available with two different upholstery options – Comfy and Ultra Relax. Both upholsteries are made from durable artificial leather and come in a wide range of stylish colours.

Easy adjustable headrest

Planmeca Chair’s double-articulated headrest allows comfortable positioning of the patient’s head and also provides good visibility of the treatment area. The chair can be easily adapted for patients of all sizes, as the headrest’s length can be adjusted smoothly.

Great adaptability

The chair's wide movement range enables treating patients freely in various positions. It can be adjusted to a very low position, a useful feature when the patient is in a sitting or semi-reclined position. You can also adjust it to a high position if you prefer to perform the treatment while standing.

Fit for surgical needs

A surgical intravenous armrest is available for immobilising the patient’s arm, for example during sedation. The surgical headrest option provides enhanced sideways support for the patient’s head. The chair can also be equipped with a large over-the-patient tray to aid treatments.

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Technical Details

Frame Cast aluminium alloy

Weight 120 kg / 290 lbs

Backrest thickness 20 mm / 0.80 in.

Swivel ±90°, total 180°

Mounting To be fixed to the floor, Mobile version as an option

Electrical data One main printed circuit board, integrated microprocessor control

Colour White (RAL 9016)

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