Powder jet handpiece MyLunos

The Powder Jet Handpiece* MyLunos provides support with ease, power and ergonomics when discoloration, deposits and biofilm are to be eliminated. It is ready for supra- or subgingival treatment depending on the nozzle.

The removable powder chamber is available in 4 different colours and can be quickly exchanged, meaning that the required powder can always be used. The system concept is pursued consistently from the application in treatment to the reprocessing. MyLunos offers high flexibility and efficiency because it was developed as a system.

  • For supragingival and subgingival applications: smooth, uninterrupted treatment processes are made possible by quickly swapping the two nozzles
  • Exchangeable chamber principle: especially easy to change with a bayonet catch – even during treatment
  • The safe valve closure allows the containers to be filled in advance, and there is a matching colour for every type of Lunos prophy powder
  • Handpiece and individual parts can be reprocessed fully automatically
  • Ergonomic handpiece, with the tip rotatable by 360 degrees
  • MyLunos. For the perfect workflow.

    One for all

    Whether for supragingival removal of discolouration or subgingival cleaning of root and implant surfaces – treatments can be completed smoothly and without interruption by quickly swapping the two nozzles.

    Exchangeable chamber principle

    Particularly easy to change with the bayonet catch, even during treatment. Work stoppages or loss of power due to a low fill level are thus eliminated. Different powders can also be used to suit requirements.

    Handpiece and individual parts can be completely automatically reprocessed
    All individual elements of the handpiece are made of temperature-resistant plastic and can therefore be thermo-disinfected and autoclaved.

    Preparing the containers
    The safe valve closure enables the containers to be filled in advance. The clever storage trays allow flexible filling and storage. The containers are available in 4 different colours, each of which matches one of the 4 types of Lunos prophy powder.

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