The colors against the grayness of the current period!

2020 - The year that will be portrayed in dark tones recalling the pandemic, the lockdown and all their negative consequences. We respond to these dark times with a splash of colour.

We respond to these dark times with a splash of colour by introducing this set of Gracey Curettes with coloured Titanium tips that make them recognizable at a glance.
Despite the general mood, we wish to add a dash of joy and cheerfulness to the work of the people who so patiently, carefully, and bravely take care of our periodontal hygiene.
We chose EVO handles to make them lighter, safer and non-fatiguing. We made the handles white to keep them elegant, clean, and highlight the tips’ colour.
And our notorious quality standards remain unaltered.
Also available stiff, short- and long-types.

Proudly 101% Italian Quality

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