The Heron™ IOS Solution

An Open Impression Scanning Solution for Dental Professionals

When you invest in a Heron™ IOS system, you receive a complete solution comprising a small, lightweight intraoral scanner, along with the QuantorClinic™ software package. QuantorClinic™ supports the workflow for dental impressions, including case management, scanning, validation, commenting and order submission.

Simple Price Model
With the Heron™ IOS you make a one-time affordable payment - with no additional costs per scan or license fees. In effect, this price model means that you redirect the cost for impression materials to pay off your new IOS.

Free Upgrades – Keep your Scanning Solution Up-to-Date
Your Heron™ IOS scanner will update automatically with future software upgrades, improving characteristics such as scanning speed, scan accuracy, color rendering and usability.

A Scanner Designed to Fit into the Modern Practice
The Heron™ IOS scanner is designed with ergonomics in mind and features a slim, lightweight handpiece with optimal grip design and a rotating tip. It also offers premium features such as color capture and a built-in heater to prevent fogging. With this intraoral scanner for taking digital impressions, 3DISC provides a solution that supports the most common types of dental restoration.

The QuantorClinic™ Application – Built for Collaboration
The scanner comes with QuantorClinic™, a soft ware application that takes care of case management and scanning, as well as lab sharing. QuantorClinic™ off ers a touchscreen interface and functions that are easy-to-use and built for collaboration between dental clinic and lab. You can share fi les from QuantorClinic™ via the cloud-based QuantorShare™ module or any other preferred method, such as e-mail.

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Downloadable Files

Technical Details

Software Requirements: Windows 10 (excluding Windows 10 S) • > 2 GB of free disk space • Open USB 3.0 port
Recommended Hardware: 12 GB of RAM (DDR4 or better) • >= 4 Core Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen Processor (at >= 2.8 GHz clock or >=3.2 GHz turbo clock) • NVIDIA Graphics Processor (1000 Series: 1070 or Greater)

Regulatory Approvals: CE & FDA (KFDA in process)
System Calibration: The system is automatic and self-calibrating with no user intervention required

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