Tissue Level Implants

It significantly minimizes the irritation which can be formed in the gingiva around implant during removing and replacing the abutments in the superstructure fittings.


? Implant-abutment connections are stronger compared to bone level implants.

? It is advantageous for immediate implant applications during tooth extraction. While ensuring primary fixation of implant in the conical extraction socket, socket inlet is covered better since neck area of the implant expanded.

? In immediate implant applications, since the implant part coinciding with extraction socket inlet is a smooth surface, this area shall be more hygienic against bacterial plaque colonization after extraction.

? Cortical bone wrapping the implant is protected better by the implant neck due to the expanding form of implant neck area.

? It has a design which can be used safely for long years.

? Tissue level implants are usually preferred for single step surgical applications.

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