Universal Silicon holders

for burs, tips, mirrors and other small parts in different diameters you have to preserve and protect

The universal base comes from the dental bur holder. It was designed to satisfy flexibility and practicality needs. It permits to manage indifferently burs with any kind of axle diameter and more other small instruments such syndesmotome tips, crown remover tips, mouth mirrors, periotome tips etc.
An instrument helpful and practical to manage all the myriad of little devices and accessories that, in dentistry, can often be lost into the drawer
Silicon bur holders don’t cause galvanic effect, caused by the difference of metals with which the burs are built, and the relative aluminum or steel bur holders.
Compared with the plastic bur holders, the food silicon ones have the characteristic not to be toxic.
Made in autoclavable nontoxic silicon, it can hold till 35 small parts that are easy to insert and extract from the peculiar holes. It has got the distinctive trait to keep the burs (small parts) even if turned upside down, in order to protect them by an accidental hit.
Available in six different colors to divide and identify easily the suitable parts for different applications. You can also cover an close it with a transparent top in two different heights for different sizes of instruments.

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