VistaScan Nano Easy

Smart, compact and reliable
With VistaScan Nano Easy, you have a modern image plate scanner with excellent image quality at your disposal.

Thanks to its small footprint, it can be easily positioned in the treatment room – allowing you to take X-rays and scan them directly at the treatment chair. With its simple and well thought out operating concept, VistaScan Nano Easy is a quick and easy entry point into the innovative world of image plate technology from Dürr Dental. Image plates in the sizes 0, 1 and 2 can be digitized with this system. Take advantage of Dürr Dental image plate technology in its most compact form for state-of-the-art and reliable diagnostics. It has never been easier to enter the world of image plate technology.

The VistaScan Nano Easy is used in combination with the VistaScan image plates IQ for ensuring an increased diagnostic reliability. The individual ID of each IQ image plate is saved in the scanned image. As a result, if the image quality of an image plate starts to deteriorate, it can be easily identified to ensure that image quality always remains the best. Another advantage: if a plate is exposed from the wrong side, the software will display a message for the user. Since VistaScan Nano Easy only digitizes IQ image plates, it is ensured that the very high quality standards from Dürr Dental can be maintained. This is a clear benefit for you, both in terms of reliability and quality.

Key features:

  • Key intraoral formats: 0, 1 and 2
  • Very high image quality
  • Compact dimensions and footprint
  • Ideal, very quiet chairside unit
  • Low-maintenance
  • High image quality – perfect presentation

    VistaScan Nano Easy delivers significantly sharper images than X-ray film. Caries D1 lesions and endo instruments up to ISO 06 are reliably shown on the images.

    The key features

    The VistaScan Nano Easy unit can be used to digitize VistaScan Image Plates IQ in the sizes 0, 1 and 2. In addition, 100% active surface area and a wide dynamic spectrum are available. Handling of image plates is as easy as analogue film.

    Intuitive operation

    VistaScan Nano Easy is extremely simple to work with. Importing and erasing images and preparing the image plate for the next image acquisition can all be performed in a single step. Fast image availability in the direct vicinity of the patient is also provided.

    Quick and easy integration

    VistaScan Nano Easy can be operated with the Dürr Dental Imaging software or with third-party software via plugins or TWAIN drivers. It can be smoothly and easily integrated into your surgery workflow via the surgery network.

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    Technical Details

    Plate sizes S0, S1, S2
    Resolution (Lp/mm) 16.7
    Greyscale (bit) 16 (65,538)
    Weight (kg) 4
    Dimensions (H x W x D mm) 231 x 167 x 216
    Interfaces Network

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