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Company profiles on DDS WORLD

Welcome to your profile on DDS.WORLD. Here you can update your profile details, set-up your company profile and upload products.


1Create/Edit your Company ProfileSetting up a company profile will list your company on the DDS WORLD website, accessible to thousands of dentists and dental professionals each day.
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2Publish your products on DDS.WORLDThe products you publish on DDS WORLD are posted in the news feed that dentists and dental professionals see each day. The more products you publish, the better the exposure.
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3Post your Company NewsMake the most of DDS.WORLD by posting your Company news and press releases and reach a wide dental audience.
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4Looking to Hire?Having a great audience of both dental professional and industry readers, DDS.WORLD is the perfect channel to publish your jobs.
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5Hosting an event?Promote your dental events on DDS.WORLD and grow your attendance by advertising directly to dentists and dental professionals.
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6Organizing Dental Courses?Having an education driven audience, DDS.WORLD welcomes your educational initiatives and will be a great partner in advertising your dental courses.
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Your Profile on DistributorDent


1RegisterThe registration form is straightforward and thorough. Each field is followed by a detailed explanation, letting you know why the information is needed and how it will be used. As soon as you fill in all required fields, you can log into your Profile. For your convenience, the Profile is initially set as Offline, so that you can look around and feel comfortable with the system, before you publish anything to the live e-commerce platform (ProductDent / PracticeDent).
Register on dist.productdent.com
2List itemsYou can either add items manually, using the provided forms (best for small numbers of items, or when adding individual products at a time), or you can upload a spreadsheet-style file, which you can easily export from your ERP software (best for large lists of items). A template is provided for your convenience. While your profile is in Offline mode, you can add and edit items, without having them appear in the live e-commerce platform (ProductDent / PracticeDent).
3Preview listingWhile your profile is set as Offline, you can freely and easily edit all of the information – including your company info, or your listed items – without having that information appear to the users of the e-commerce platform (ProductDent / PracticeDent). However, you can use your registration credentials to log into ProductDent or PracticeDent and preview your information, in order to check how it appears to the end-user.
4Go OnlineAs soon as you are satisfied with your registration and your product listing, we can set your profile mode to “Online”. This will bring up your company info and all your products to the live ProductDent and PracticeDent platforms, where our end-users (dental professionals from all walks of the field) will be able to search, browse, view and order your products.
5Manage ordersAs soon as an Order has been placed via ProductDent or PracticeDent, it will appear in your Distributor Account. Orders are displayed in an interactive grid, letting you set their processing and payment statuses in real-time. Any update of the status is also instantly reflected in your customer’s profile in ProductDent or PracticeDent. Note that no payment transactions will be handled by our services for the time being.
6Ship itemsWhile shipments and logistics are entirely handled by you, the Distributor Profile lets you set the Order Status to “Shipped”. This enables the client-side status control of the order, so that your customer can set the Order Status to “Received”. This, in turn, automatically transfers the Order information to their Inventory Management Module.